Articles of Association

Articles of Association

Wharton Club of Geneva by-laws as approved on 4 February 2021, organized under articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code.

1. Name of ClubWharton Club of Geneva

The objective of the club is to exist synergistically with the Wharton Club of Switzerland in Zurich, avoiding conflicts and duplication of effort, whether in terms or activities or distribution of communications.

2. Organising Committee: The Organising Committee is made up of 3 to 6 members. They organize events for the members. They work on a voluntary basis and are not remunerated for their services.

Non-committee members are encouraged to volunteer and participate in identifying speakers and events which would be of interest to club members.

3. Membership: Any resident of French-speaking Switzerland and neighboring France who holds a full-program degree from the Wharton School (undergraduate, graduate, WEMBA).  Eligible Wharton alumni that reside outside of the Suisse Romande can join upon request. Members can leave the Club upon request. Honorary Members can be invited to join by a majority decision of the Committee. Their definitive membership is confirmed by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting of Members following their request. Members that bring disrepute to the Club can be excluded by a majority decision of the Annual General Meeting of Members.

4. Purpose: Encourage fun, networking, and friendship amongst club members.  Promote the Wharton School to the outside community in the Suisse Romande.

5. Governance: All members present or represented at the first event of the year, to be held before the end of February, vote for the Organising Committee and its President and vote to give discharge to the Organising Committee for the previous year’s activity. A valid election requires a quorum of ten members who are either present or represented at the election. An email received by the Committee before the first event will be considered valid representation.

6. Decisions: are taken publicly at the first event of the year, by simple majority and require a quorum of ten members who are either present or represented.

7. Finances: The club has chosen not to collect dues from members. This means that any event expenses must be covered by attendees or otherwise self-funding.  Event participants will need to honor their commitments, even if they are unable to attend. The club may accept donations.

8. Change in operational rules: Changes to the by-laws are taken with a simple majority and require a face-to-face discussion. A quorum of ten members must be either present or represented. Ten members can ask the Organising Committee to convene an extraordinary meeting within 3 months.

9. Responsibility: Since the club is not a legal entity, the Club carries no personal liability insurance for its Organising Committee members. Any and all personal liability of Club members or Committee members individually or collectively is expressly excluded.